West Lake Labs

A global professional consultancy on leading domain-specific software design & development.

3D Graphics

From Now to Future

The future is fast approaching but are we ready?

We provide 3D graphics rendering and animation solutions for real-time and interactive applications such as video games and professional graphics software.

Our domain experts work closely with customers for state-of-the-art rendering pipeline design, visual effects implementation, in-depth application performance profiling, bottleneck analysis and optimization at different software layers.

Artificial Intelligence

From Narrow to General

AI is progressing rapidly but when a revolution?

Although today numerous progress has been done on Artificial Intelligence, still it's in the stage of narrow AI which is so narrow that it could achieve just specific task like chess play, personalized recommendation, and self-driving. Current AI technologies allow AI-driven machine to replace or even outperform human beings in some specific tasks, but when a revolution of general AI stage could come?

Our AI experts has wide and professional industry knowledge and experience including reasoning, planning, learning, perception, computational acceleration. Our mission could not only help to build your robot to think wise and fast, but also think open and wide.


From Real to Unreal

The real world is just there but how to seek the unreal?

The simulation is natively very challenging due to extremely high volumes of characteristics or behaviors existing in the real world, but it's much more challenging when simulating your imagination.

Our simulation experts could not only help you achieve the realistic on traditional simulation including safety engineering, testing, training and education, we could also help you achieve your imagination and make unreal looks real.


From Low to High

Bothering with speed and quality? It could be much better!

Image and video quality is usually constrained by both network bandwidth and processing latency, and therefore it's still challenging on the approach of clearing the barriers towards to high quality while keep bandwidth and latency low.

We provide image and video processing solutions including GPU accelerated data encoding, decoding, and transcoding which saves cost by reduced bandwidth usage and latency and in the meanwhile maintaining high image quality.

Cloud Computing

From Complex to Simple

Cloud is beautiful but massive challenges before we see it!

Cloud computing provides us unlimited computational resources and possibilities to allow us create, scale and customize our applications online, but the infra of it is not so ready as the data volumes is so explosively increasing.

Thanks to the extensive working experiences with top-tier cloud service providers including AWS, Google, Aliyun and potential many more our partners is working on, we are continuously accumulate our knowledge and polishing our skillset to ensure most modern cloud infra could be continuously evolved and delivered for critical services on cluster monitoring and management, distributed data storage, performance visualization, security, hardware virtualization and so on.